…to love what is mortal

…to love what is mortal

"if our secrets are secrets because we are told to be ashamed, then we must share them."

— Warsan Shire

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

— Aristotle

"If one heart can mend another
Only then can we begin”

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Pink Upon the Quantum

We move like continents,
sneaking in centimeters,
slipping slow like molasses,
in sinuous indiscernible strides-
troping slightly toward the sun.

And sometimes we quake-
boiling over-
just as the ocean will sometimes pound
its fists upon the earth,
crushing edge with
doubled edge,
stretching forward
to the tissue anew
tearing softly at our sinews-

a moment most unexpected,
is conceived.

But mostly we,
the unseen and quiet,
make our voices heard
in the subtle starlight
of a many vast unknowns.

This Man,
he is naked, you see,
with impatient eyes,
perplexed about the blooming-

Had he missed the time eclipsed
to pin her petals pink upon the quantum?

Perhaps she, had
lightly slipped,
night, whilst he,
in a gossamer deep dream sleep,


© 2014 Melissa Cesarano



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Surreptitious Kissing

I want to say that
forgiveness keeps on

dividing, that hope
gives issue to hope,

and more, but of course I
am saying what is

said when in this dark
hallway one encounters

you, and paws and
assaults you—love

affairs, fast lies—and you
say it back and we

blunder deeper, as would
any pair of loosed

marionettes, any couple
of cadavers cut lately

from the scaffold,
in the secluded hallways

of whatever is
holding us up now.


— Denis Johnson

"You want to know what it was like?
It was like my whole life had a fever.
Whole acres of me were on fire.
The sun talked dirty in my ear all night.
I couldn’t drive past a wheatfield without doing it violence.
I couldn’t even look at a bridge.
I used to go out in the brush sometimes,
So far out there no one could hear me,
And just burn.
I felt all right then.
I couldn’t hurt anyone else.
I was just a pillar of fire.
It wasn’t the burning so much as the loneliness.
It wasn’t the loneliness so much as the fear of being alone.
Christ look at you pouring from the rocks.
You’re so cold you’re boiling over.
You’ve got stars in your hair.
I don’t want to be around you.
I don’t want to drink you in.
I want to walk into the heart of you
And never walk back out."

— Nico Alvarado

"While I powder my nose
He will powder his gums
And if i try to get close
He is already gone
I don’t know what we’re doing
I don’t know what we’ve done
But the fire is coming
So I think we should run”


I didn’t say “I love you” to hear it back. I said it to make sure you knew.


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Loose ends, they tangle down
And then take flight,
But never tie me down,
Never tie me down

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"The past is just a story we tell ourselves"

— Her
Spike Jonze


I am Green magic bitters
resting homeless like a beggar between
your teeth-
and my heart is sweet like sugar cube crystals.

You think that I am venomous,
visions of lusty sprites with fangs that sink
into taut skin and
leaving tiny vessels in their wake.

So you rinse and spit and floss away
the demons-

pour my insides down the drain and
lock whatever might remain
in a slot beneath the floor,

for I am
too tart to swallow,
too sweet to stomach,
too much a myth to believe,
too much a burden to maintain
a solution so saturated.

© 2014 Melissa Cesarano